U Comment, I Follow

U Comment, I Follow
So, I wanted to add a quick little page to talk about something I think is very important.  It’s not related to creative real estate investing, selling techniques, or how to rent to own homes, but it’s worth mentioning.

One way to drive traffic to your blog is to enable dialog between the readers via comments.  One advantage of the reader writing their comment is that they may also include their web address, which then links back to their site.  This is motivation for them to comment, as it spreads around the Google page rank while leading other site readers to their site.

Somewhere along the line, the blogging platforms decided that in order to cut down on spam comments (that is, comments that are only made in order to get a web link back to their site), they would build in a little piece of code that would make Google (and I also think others) ignore the link, and not use it to calculate page rank.

This appeared to be a good idea to cut down on spam, but what is also did was remove incentive for visitors to comment.  Since that time, other comment spam filters have been created.

As a result, there is a movement now to install various plug-ins that will remove this “feature” and once again allow loyal readers to post links.

Just as a note.  If I think you’re spamming for keywords, I will remove your link, so use your name in the “name” field.  Also, leave a meaningful comment.  Thanks!

Please pass this along and join the movement.

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