Building Wealth – Episode 2 of 12 – Profitable Habits

It has been said that we are creatures of habit. If that’s the case then shouldn’t our habits serve us rather than the other way around? If we’re going to have them anyway, shouldn’t they be profitable? This video is an introduction to profitable habits.

Will you accept mediocrity? Will you choose prosperity? Will you embrace change and growth? Many will choose to stick with the status quo and remain exactly where they are. It’s up to you. What choices will you make this year?

Building Wealth in the Decade of the PACT – Episode 1 of 12

What are you planning to do differently in this new economy.  Success is a choice and if you want it, you can have it!  You can have it if you are willing  possess or develop certain success characteristics.  The good news is that anyone can do it!  These aren’t characteristics you are born with; they can be developed.

It really is a new economy and you have at least two choices.   The first is buy into the press and join the recession or second; create your own economy and leave the naysayers in the dust.   In this 12 part video series I’m going to share some of the best information I’ve found for creating long term wealth and a great quality of life.  Preparing for wealth is like preparing for a great feast, It takes planning, desire and effort to get the desired results.  Our first episode Preparing for Wealth begins a 12 week journey. I hope you enjoy it!

One of my brothers is a CPA and also a CFO of his company.  Socially he is a fun loving wildman, in business he’s one of the most conservative guys I know.  When it comes to investing, he’s not a risk avoider, he’s a risk manager. One of his favorite expressions is proper planning prevents poor performance.  With his management team he’s guided his company from under $50 million a year to over $200 million in revenue.  They couldn’t have handled that growth if it came overnight so they prepared for it and have become number 1 in their niche.  As individuals and entrepreneurs, we need to be prepared too…

Stay tuned for Episode 2 – Profitable Habits

To your success…

Creating Wealth With Real Estate Options

Don’t have a lot of cash to work with?  Not sure about a property’s value?  Real Estate Options might be just the technique you’re looking for.  While there are many creative real estate investing techniques you can employ, options are one to keep in your tool kit!  Options give you control with out ownership and can be a powerful money making technique.  I love them because they provide me safety, an opportunity to help the seller and a handsome profit.

An option allows us to purchase a set of rights including purchase price, time to close, and terms of the sale.  Once you have the option you have two choices; close on the property or simply sell your rights in the option for an immediate profit.  That’s right you can sell your option to another party (as long as it isn’t a non-assignable option).  Imagine no payments, no holding costs, no maintenance or insurance costs and yet you can still choose to profit even before you close.  The key with options is control without ownership.

Happy investing!

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