Building Wealth – Episode 6.2 – Planning for Effectiveness

Leverage Your Time

Establishing a routine can increse your effectiveness, reduce anxiety and put you on the road to freedom!  Once you know where you want to go, you can create a map to get you there.  The fuel for the journey is time so don’t waste it!

Decide what block of time you’re going to set for your communications (email, phone calls, etc.), your education, your marketing, etc. Once you start living by your schedule, it will become second nature and you’ll see that you get much more done with your time and elevate your effectiveness to a whole new level!

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Building Wealth – Episode 6.1 – Planning For Effectiveness

Super Size Your Results

Want to know how to maximize your effectiveness in 6 simple steps?  Planning to be successful demands effective execution. Without it there’s little productivity and that’s where the results are!

Step 1  Establish goals for daily, weekly, monthly, annual results.  These goals become destinations.  Once you know your destination,  you can design a system or a roadmap to guide you on the path to obtain your goals.  Simply set and organize your  tasks to establish an effective pattern and then take action.  Once you do this on a regular basis, watch the changes unfold!

Building Wealth – Episode 5 – Do Like the Wealthy

Do you spend time doing things?  If you do, it could be costing you money, big money.   Think about wealthy people, do they stay wealthy by spending money?  They make money by investing; preserving their capital and making it grow.  When it comes to your most valuable currency, your time, are you a spender or an investor?  Are your thoughts and actions in line with achieving your goals?  Here are a few tips to change the way you leverage your time and talent that just might explode your results!

Examine the things you choose to do and ask, “are they moving me toward or away from my goals?”  It’s easy to fool your self unless you are willing to be fully responsible for your results!  This is where the rubber meets the road to success and a good reason to consider a coach or accountability partner to provide you objective feedback.  So do like the wealthy and invest in yourself before you find yourself spent!

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Building Wealth – Episode 4 – How to Love This Business

Some time ago I wrote a piece on the Pareto Principle more commonly known as the 80/20 Rule.  80% of our problems come from 20% of our customers.  So, do we really need that 20%?  Being a small business owner is not without its challenges.  The good news is that we get to choose who we’ll work with.  We get to pick and choose based on our criteria.  If someone is going to be difficult to work with, simply think…next.

Establish your criteria for who you’ll deal with, just like you establish criteria for buying parameters. Let these criteria be your guide and you’ll find less hassles, more profits.  Besides, when you deal with the right kind of people you’ll even walk away from the closing table with a testimonial.    It doesn’t get any better than that!

Building Wealth – Episode 3 – Success Habits

Winning is a habit!  So, why not embrace it?  There are habits that enhance our ability to develop rapport, communicate more effectively and achieve great outcomes.  The good news is that we aren’t born with them, they aren’t genetic, they are learned.  In our last episode we looked at habits that create self awareness, discipline and control. Today we’re going to look at the remaining 4 habits.  These are habits that build relationships and close deals!

Having a win/win attitude breaks down resistance, builds rapport and sets a positive mental state.  Now you have a framework for effective problem solving.  As you build the relationship use active listening skills to discern and understand the needs of the other party.  This information will be key to a successful outcome.  Invite input from the other party and you might be pleasantly surprised at how easily a mutually beneficial solution can be found.  Listening effectively leads to synergy because you can focus on the needs of your seller, buyer, or private lender. When both parties have a part in creating the solution you have bi-lateral support. This will increase your closing ratio.

When you establish rapport the barriers to open communication come down, trust goes up.  By taking a synergistic approach both parties have a vested interest in completing the transaction.  And finally, take time to learn, grow and refresh so you’re always at the top of your game!  You owe it to yourself, your loved ones and your clients.

Don’t forget to check our next episode, we’ll be looking specific strategies you can implement to make this the best year ever!

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