How do I get a green card? Well, if you’re a holder of an E2 Investor Visa the answer is you can’t. Go ahead, check with the USCIS, The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. Green cards are out of the realm of possibility for these legal immigrants who come to the United States in search of a better life. The odd thing is that the must buy or build a business, hence the “Investor” part of the type of visa. They must create jobs…and they do.

As a result they pay taxes, raise families and become part of the fabric of the USA. Even their kids, at least until they turn 21…then its adios amigo…The family gets split up as their children (who grew up here, pledged allegiance to our flag and played little league or joined the girl scouts) get shipped back to their country of origin. Of course they family can stay together if they all leave thereby closing their business and eliminating some jobs and taking tax dollars back out of the treasury. (yes, in some cases they might be able to sell it).

Wouldn’t it make sense for them, along wth their parents, to be able to apply for citizenship in the country that, for many, has been their only home? They come families who work for a living and provide jobs for others as well.

Last but not least, the inability to ever get a green card isn’t the only hurdle, every two years the Visa must be renewed with no guaranty that it will be renewed. Talk about having a sword dangling over one’s head.

How can a successful investor consider additional investment in their business, which could create more jobs and tax revenues, be a consideration when in the event your E2 Investor Visa renewal request is declined you are given 30 days to leave the country. It seems like the E2 Investor Visa as currently structured is actually anti-business, although it requires foreigners to invest in the U.S.

If this sounds as crazy to you as it does to me please take a moment to go to and sign the petition which seeks to change some of the negative aspects of this Visa. It is a two-step process (why should the government make anything easy for its citizens?) so please be patient while the send you a confirmation email and then follow their instruction.

It takes about 5 minutes…here’s the catch; you must do this right now. 5,000 signatures are needed by October 27. We have a short time and a long way to go. Please forward this information to your family and friends and anyone else with some common sense and a respect for families who came here legally and create jobs. Thanks!

To your success….

Augie Byllott