Immigration Is an issue that is hotly debated in the US and rightly so, illegal immigrants cost our taxpayers billions of dollars cast a shadow over the whole issue of immigration.  There are many legal imigrants who come to the US and are a benefit to this country.  Only recently have some of the stranger aspects of US immigration policy come to my attention as the result of challenges some of my friends are facing.

In one case the parents of a 22 year old daughter who have green cards have to send their daughter back to England because she is too old to stay in the US and it could take two years for her to receive approval even though she has a job available to her which she desparately wants to accept, though her current 60 day visa does not permit her to work.

I have other friends who have legally entered the US and invested in businesses, created jobs and pay taxes who have to renew their E2 Visa’s every two years and risk being declined and having to leave the country on 30 days notice.  There is a petition that needs 5,000 signatures by October 25 in order to be considered by the White House.  Granted that is only a first step but a necessary one.  I invite you to participate in supporting a common sense solution to a rather de-humanizing problem. The language of the petition is below.

Allow E2 Treaty Investor Visa holders, who have brought investment and created jobs in the US, to apply for Green Cards

E2 Treaty Investor Visa holders are required to bring in foreign investment to buy or start up a US business and create jobs for US citizens. To our knowledge this is the only visa that asks for a substantial investment without leading to Green Cards. Legal permanent residency would give these small business owners more stability to expand their businesses, thus leading to even more jobs.

There have been 2 Bills in the last 2 Congresses which have not been successful and we are actively working to have a new Bill introduced in this Congress. However we realize that this E2 Visa is relatively unknown and hope that is the reason why reform has not taken place thus far.

We are LEGAL Immigrants, who are helping the US Economy at a difficult time.

We urge the White House to consider this.

Go to the link below and sign the petition, you’ll be glad you did.

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