Imagine working with sellers where you don’t need to secure bank financing, hard money or large down payments. Better yet…what if price were no object? How many deals could you do if cash, credit, or price didn’t matter? Imagine doing safe, profitable transactions that can put cash in your pocket fast—no waiting for mortgage approvals for your buyers, appraisals that fall short or seasoning because you haven’t been on title long enough.

This market has a lot of people spooked, especially the people outside our industry; a few on the inside too. As I talk with my fellow investors I hear a common theme…fear. Fear of losing money; fear of not knowing what to do or say, fear that values will fall further…FEAR…FEAR…FEAR! Believe me, I do understand. This market hasn’t seen its’ equal in many generations.

What if you knew how to eliminate the fear, take effective action, mitigate risk and start doing more deals and in a matter of weeks or months rather than standing on the sidelines or waiting years to jump in!

This unprecedented market brings with it unprecedented opportunities. If you don’t want the risks associated with owning properties…don’t own them. Instead, learn how to control them. That’s right—control without ownership can be a formula for financial success. No money? No credit? No problem. If you’re curious about lease options you are in the right place. John D. Rockefeller is credited with the statement, “Own nothing, control everything.”

Using a simple step-by-step plan you can learn and implement the lease option technique for buying and selling. You’ll control properties and produce income without risks brought on by the burden of property ownership. Options can be used to simply control a property but when coupled with a lease can produce multiple income streams.

This is the ideal market for using leases and options because sellers need to sell but can’t compete with the REOs and Short Sales. With 75 to 80% of the deals out there being distressed properties sellers are increasingly looking for alternatives. The best part of these transactions is that they are a win/win/win…the seller wins, the buyer wins and the INVESTOR wins. It doesn’t get any better than that!

On Saturday May 14th Central FloridaRealty Investor Association is hosting my NEW workshop Lease Options Made Simple. We’ll examine how to locate the best candidates, how to bring up the subject of doing a lease option that grants you control of the property and how you can market it quickly to create a check and monthly cash flow too. The best part is you can use this technique to create long-term wealth.

So join me on Saturday May 14th from 9:00 to 4:00 at CFRI’s Lake Mary education facility.  For more info go to