Didn’t we get into this business so we could make money? There’s lots of businesses we can make money with. I’m in this business because I get to help people. I get to help people solve problems with their properties. I get to help people who don’t think they might ever own a home, get to own a home. I provide quality housing for people. I’m a professional home buyer and with my PHP certification.

So, when I start walking up a driveway or I get ready to get on the phone or I answer a phone, I recognize that my mission is to be helpful and helping people is a good thing.

You want an example of how fear disappears when you are focused on helping people? Imagine if I saw a little kid in the street about to get hit by a car. Trouble is, I just jumped out of the shower and I’m wrapped in a towel. If I go running out like a maniac, I will certainly look foolish. God forbid there’s a strong wind. I would really look foolish.

But, what’s more important? My focus is on helping the kid, not worrying about me. Well, it’s the same thing when we’re dealing with a seller. We’re trying to help somebody that’s got a problem.

Seek to solve those problems and if you do that, you can provide some benefits. One is peace of mind. It’s one of our primary products. The other is debt relief. If somebody was just transferred and they’re worrying about the fact that it’s going to take six to nine months to sell their home and you can solve their problem right now, they might sleep a lot better. If somebody’s in foreclosure and worried about ruining the rest of their credit and you can put a deal together that stops the foreclosure and helps them move on with their life, you’ve provided them debt relief, haven’t you?

How bad are those goals? How bad are those missions? We provide solutions. That’s what we do and when you think of yourself as a solution provider, you’re going to have a very different attitude on those fear issues. When I start thinking of you, I’m not nearly as afraid as when I’m thinking about me and what you might think of me and at the end of the day, by me not being afraid, I’m putting the onus on you.

I’m here to help you. You can accept or reject my help. It’s not me you’re rejecting. It’s the help I offer you. It’s the help I offer you that is being judged. It’s not me and when you can kind of separate that, you have a totally different mental picture and you can hear people say “no” all day long.

There’s a story about Robert Allen. He’s the guy that started with the book No Money Down back in the early ‘80s. In one very famous account, Allen gets dropped off somewhere in California with $100. He goes and buys a roll of quarters and the newspaper and he sits there dialing for dollars. He ends up buying some real estate before he gets to the end of his roll of quarters.

On that first deal, he only made about $5,000, but let’s say instead of making 40 calls he made 50. That’s an average of 100 a phone call, is it not? Since then every time somebody says no, he says, “Great. I made another $100,” because there’s only so many “no’s” between a “yes.” So, every time you hear a no, there’s a “yes” getting closer and that’s important to understand.

Too many people take this business personally. This is not a hobby. It’s not a crusade. It’s a business. Now, do you think if you go to Macy’s and look at something that’s on sale and choose not to buy it, they’re offended? It’s business. Yes, they’d like you to buy it. I’d like to buy somebody’s house. I’d like to sell somebody a house, but if they don’t buy it or sell it, it’s not the end of the world. Remember this expression, SW-SW-SW-SW. That stands for: Some will. Some won’t. So what? Someone’s waiting.

In Part 1, we looked at what causes fear. And in Part 2, we examined the fear of being judged, rejected, and abandoned. What did you think of our 3-part series on “What Scares Investors”? Let us know in the comment box below!

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