You can help build our next program…are you ready? You know I have a win/win philosophy for deals, and that’s what I have for you today! I want to work with up to five small groups to gather feedback on my current program “Buying Without Cash or Credit“, so I can evolve it into “The Ultimate Creative Financing System.” I am currently in the process of taking my home study programs to the next level, and gearing them for a national audience. And the best way I can think of to improve the content is to get feedback from you!

What Do I Get?

You will receive a 50% discount on “Buying Without Cash or Credit“, which retails for $697, and includes both audio CDs and DVDs that will be shipped to your home. You’ll receive a copy of “The Ultimate Creative Financing System“, which will retail for $1497, for FREE as my way of saying thanks for participating. Additionally, you will have access to a one-day exclusive training on my favorite subject, Creative Financing. Others may get to participate for $497, but honestly, I haven’t decided if I’ll invite anyone else. Either way, it’s yours as my way of saying thanks.

What Is Required Of Me?

I ask for your frank feedback to help me serve you and your fellow investors better. You will be required to purchase “Buying Without Cash or Credit” with your 50% discount code. Over the next 45 days, you must listen to the audio and view the videos of the current program at least three times, and make notes on the following:

  • Examine each technique and comment on its clarity and ease of understanding
  • Comment on how each segment can be more effectively communicated to make it user-friendly
  • Ideas on tools which would make the program more beneficial

In addition, there will be two mandatory online surveys, which you will be required to complete in order to receive your free copy of “The Ultimate Creative Financing System“. There may also be a conference call (or two).

Is There A Deadline?

Yes. The new product must be ready for delivery by November 1st, so time is of the essence! Due to the many questions I’ve received, I wanted to give people a chance to learn more. Therefore, I am extending a deadline to get involved to Saturday, August 28th at midnight. After that, we will start working with those who stepped up to participate.

I’m Interested. What Should I Do Now?

Add a comment to this post below, and include your email address. Don’t worry, we will keep the information private! Only we will see your request, and we’ll send you a discount code and URL to purchase “Buying Without Cash or Credit“. You’ll be on your way to earning over $2,300 in bonuses as my way of saying thanks!