Whether you’re an investor from the PECOS country; Yee-haa or one who COPES
with whatever market comes along (yawn) or one that likes to SCOPE out a
deal (Oh yeah!), you’ll notice one thing…each of these acronyms uses the
same five letters.  So if you want to be a cowpoke from the PECOS, someone
who COPES day to day and doesn’t get flustered, or an eagle eye deal finder
that can SCOPE out opportunity when others can’t, you have an acronym to
help you remember the best ways to buy real estate creatively.

My favorite is S-C-O-P-E and it stands for my five favorite ways to purchase
or control real estate profitably and safely!  “S” stands for Seller
Financing.  “C” stands for Cash. “O” stands for Options while “P” is for
Private Money.  And last, but not least, “E” which stands for Existing
Financing.  All excellent techniques for maximizing opportunity!

Seller Financing is always my favorite way to buy property because; 1) we
get great rates, sometimes as low as zero interest! 2) Great terms,
sometimes no payments until we sell the property or the first payment may
not be due for 3 to 6 month giving us a chance to renovate the property and
find a tenant or buyer.  3) Additional flexibility, sometimes a seller is
willing to subordinate their debt or accept substitution of collateral
(we’ll discuss these another time).  4) We have potential for the deal after
the deal because sometimes a seller may offer us the chance to pay the debt
off early in exchange for a nice discount.

Cash, ahhh cash, even in tough markets cash is king because you can
negotiate excellent discounts when you don’t have to rely on conventional
financing and can close very quickly.  This is especially true when
negotiating with banks on short sales and REOs.  Don’t have cash…I didn’t
say it has to be you cash, so read on friends.

Options are the technique of choice for mitigating risk when the property
price or monthly payment exceeds your comfort zone.  You can control the
property until you find a money partner, a buyer or the option expires.
Yes, you could lose your option fee but seldom do we invest more than
$100.00 to secure the option.  For a high end property with the potential
for a big payday, we will put more cash at risk but it is a calculated risk
and we don’t risk what we can’t afford.

Private Money comes from Private Lenders who in my opinion are the salt of
the earth.  Frequently these are just normal folks looking for a safe,
secure investment that pays a decent rate of return.  Banks are offering a
big fat 2.75% for a CD today (that’s a high rate) while money market
accounts with my friends at B of A (an excellent bank…that pays low rates
to use your money) offer a whopping 2% return.  These rates don’t even keep
up with inflation.  I can do a lot better for my private lenders than that.
My Private Lenders position me to leverage many of the benefits I get from
being able to make cash offers and close quickly without having to exhaust
my own cash reserves.  The best thing I’ve found with my private lenders is
that once you prove yourself, they keep coming back time and time again.

Existing Financing is another excellent technique for purchasing real estate
without having to resort to the costly and lengthy qualification process of
conventional financing.  There are a number of ways we can help sellers
solve their problems and at the same time benefit from the use of existing
financing.  First is by purchasing the property “Subject to” the existing
mortgage (we offer a full course on the subject on our web site at
http://www.tinyurl.com/yzq5hs9 ).

Next we can negotiate a lease option, whereby we can rent the property until
we’re ready to purchase it.  Additionally, we have the right to sublet the
property to a potential tenant buyer.  This is called a Sandwich Option (and
yes, for those inquiring minds, we have a complete home study program
available on this technique as well and it is packed with great information
I’m proud to say). Simply go tohttp://www.tinyurl.com/yg9ezex .

Lastly, we have a third technique called a master lease.
It is similar to the lease option but with a couple of interesting twists.

So the next time you are talking with a seller you now have a SCOPE to help
you focus on the many different and creative ways you can find workable
solutions to solve people’s problems without having to resort to
conventional financing.

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