New and experienced real estate investors alike can benefit from this easy to create tool.  A crediility kit is simply an album representing your work.  Pictures of projects, renovations, families moving into or buying your houses.  It’s letters of thanks and recommendation from satisfied clients.  When you show new prospects and potential private lenders how you serve your customers, it can go a long way toward building your credibilty and make others comfortble about working with you!  I compare it to my mom’s “Grandma’s Brag Book” which is just full of photos of her grandkids, their notes and cards and other special things she likes to brag about because se’s proud of her grandkids.

You can do the same thing with your house business.  You’ll be amazed at the results!

If you are new to investing, one of the best things about your Credibility Kit is that it can help guide you through your entire presentation to the seller.  It can actually work like a script so you don’t lose your place during the presentation.  It is also a great confidence builder because as you do more of your own deals, you’ll be tracking and sharing your progress with others.

To your success…