If you want to sell a house fast, you have to make it stand out. There’s plenty of competition and the typical buyer wants their home to make a statement. A key element of getting your house sold is Curb Appeal. That’s right, how inviting does your house look from the street. As my wife Audrey, an Accredited Staging Professional, likes to ask, “Does your house say, ‘Welcome’ or ‘Beware’.”

To maximize your Curb appeal we recommend prepping the outside:

Mow the lawn

Mow and edge once a week during the summer and every other week during the winter (depending on climate). Pretend this is your own home (or better).


Make sure hedges and trees are trimmed well, not cut back. Add potted plants to the yard if it looks too empty. Fill in any problem spots, and water them regularly. Trim shrubs and bushes from the top down and trees from the bottom up! For quick renovation projects where you don’t have time to plant and water new flowers, try silk flowers for that touch of color. They’re inexpensive and look great! Another cheap way to make the flower beds pop is to put down a thin layer of mulch. This is a quick, inexpensive fix.


Paint any major rough spots or peeling paint areas. Paint the front door, if it needs it, and any entrance way or landing. (Use a three color approach- a light neutral color for the majority of the house, a darker or lighter shade for the trim and a bold high gloss for the front door.) You can find excellent 3 color palettes at most major home improvement stores. If money is tight, just paint the front…remember its Curb Appeal we’re looking for. Note – consider the colors in the neighborhood and keep with the theme, a bright blue house in an earth tone neighborhood will be a tough sell…no matter how much you like the color! Your going for a clean, crisp look. There should be nothing exotic for the average house.

Front door tip – for about $20.00 you can make the front door pop by adding a brass-tone kick plate. New door hardware is usually a very good investment!

Throw Away Trash

Clutter is a major deal killer for the retail buyer so throw away any piles of old junk. Clean out the garage and paint the floor if it is stained. You’ll be amazed at the difference. Dark Grey is a good color.

Pressure Wash Drive Way

If driveway is very grease-stained, have it pressure cleaned. If it still looks shabby, paint it. Don’t go crazy with colors, there are some nice grey concrete paints and if you have an asphalt drive way you can get it resurfaced for a modest price.

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