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A while back we started this site about creative real estate investing and were very concerned about how we could get real estate investors to visit the guide. I bounced around the internet looking at various real estate sites and noticed they all had something in common. In addition to great articles about real estate investing, they all had multiple back links, not just to the home page, which was broadly about the topic of real estate investing, but also to deeper pages, covering topics from creative financing, investing techniques and lease options. So, that being said, we decide that if we were going to get people to visit our real estate investing guide, we would have to do something creative.

This is a bit off topic, as we are a Guide for Creative Real Estate Investing that mostly speaks about topics like how to lease purchase homes, however, we were encouraged by a post we saw regarding an SEO Checklist.  One of the items in the list was to encourage back-linking.  I thought it would make the whole thing a bit easier by creating a WordPress Plugin.  It’s call LinkToThisPage.

The LinkToThisPage WordPress plugin provides a quick, simple to use, and unobtrusive way for users to obtain a link to your post for use on their own web site.  The anchor text provided to the user is based upon the title of the post or page.  This plug-in can help to get back-links deep into your website, eliminating home-page-only linking.

Give it a try and please let me know what you think.  There are currently no configuration options.  Just install and use automatically.  The next version will contain configuration options.

Download LinkToThisPage 1.3


In future versions:
1) Ability to choose whether to display the post/page title or the html title tag.
2) Ability to change width/height of plug-in textarea.
3) Ability to modify text size/color.
4) Modify position of plug-in.
5) Ability to decide whether to show/hide the link by default. – DONE
6) Ability to decide whether of not to show on pages, posts or both – DONE

If you’re interested in another implementation of this plugin, please check out the Link to Me Textbox WordPress Plugin by Jim Westergren. This version does not use the hide/unhide method, however, displays a text box anywhere you choose in your template. As it is less discreet, it may draw more visitors to copy your link. Try them both and use the one that best suits you.

Thank you for visiting my Guide to Creative Real Estate Investing

If you’d like to leave a comment, please contact me via the feedback page.

Copy the code below to your web site.

58 Responses to “LinkToThisPage”

  1. Augie says:


    We now have an admin page and some options to change.

    You can now choose whether to display the plugin on pages only, posts only, or on both.

    You can now also decide whether to show the link box as visible or hidden by default.

  2. Augie says:


    OK, I get it now… you want to generate the embed code for the comic so instead of saying “Link To This Page”, you’d say “Embed This Comic” or something to that effect. When they copy the code, it would show the comic on their site and link back to your site. Good idea. I didn’t really think of doing that, but it’s certainly possible. The only way to do that systematically would be if the comic image itself was somehow within the WordPress database as a common variable, but related to the post. Either that, or if you had a standard naming convention, but that’s more prone to error.

    I’m not sure if images within posts are tagged to be related to the post in an obvious way. It’s also a pretty specific example.

    Let me think on it.

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