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Build Your Image With A Credibility Kit

New and experienced real estate investors alike can benefit from this easy to create tool.  A crediility kit is simply an album representing your work.  Pictures of projects, renovations, families moving into or buying your houses.  It’s letters of thanks and recommendation from satisfied clients.  When you show new prospects and potential private lenders how you serve your customers, it can go a long way toward building your credibilty and make others comfortble about working with you!  I compare it to my mom’s “Grandma’s Brag Book” which is just full of photos of her grandkids, their notes and cards and other special things she likes to brag about because se’s proud of her grandkids.

You can do the same thing with your house business.  You’ll be amazed at the results!

If you are new to investing, one of the best things about your Credibility Kit is that it can help guide you through your entire presentation to the seller.  It can actually work like a script so you don’t lose your place during the presentation.  It is also a great confidence builder because as you do more of your own deals, you’ll be tracking and sharing your progress with others.

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19 Responses to “Build Your Image With A Credibility Kit”

  1. Oyun indir says:

    hmm nice article , nice biografy

  2. Marcel Eagleman says:

    I love this product! Will there be anything else in the line coming out soon?

  3. Augie says:

    We have a new program coming out next month. Buying Without Cash or Credit. It is an audio program that provides insight and understanding into the world of creative financing and maximizing profits with real estate and paper.

  4. diaporama says:

    Seems to be quite amazing this credibility kit :)

  5. Stephen says:

    Sounds like a great kit and an easy and standard to quickly build credibility. Nice idea!

  6. This kit sounds like it’s not just for selling houses; those selling other types of products can also benefit from it.

  7. solar kits says:

    If you are in a business, let us say a real estate investor. Well, this kind of business requires people to trust you and your skills. How can you show them that you have that ability? With the help of credibility kit of course! With the help of this kit, you can make an album that represents your work. Take for example, putting in pictures of projects, renovations, families buying your houses as well as thank you letters and recommendations that you receive.

  8. I guess its also really important to keep the kit bag up to date, if you are including old projects and recommendations thats fine, but you also need to show that you are STILL doing a great job by including the latest letters etc that you have.

  9. tyson says:

    Its just like using references for your buisness but this kit takes it to the next level. Great product

  10. Alex says:

    Hi Augie, I love the idea of a credibility kit. This is so much better than the standard brochures I have been using so far! I will implement this asap in my business. Thanks, Alex

  11. Jeannie says:

    The album idea really works. I think I first heard it from Jay Abraham years ago. It can be applied to any business, and it does impress your customers and clients.

  12. Mike says:

    When it comes to buying and selling, establishing credibility and trust is really important! This kit sounds like an interesting tool to try for people who have difficulty with establishing credibility.

  13. This credibility kit idea is great. I’ve used similar albums in two other businesses. Not only is it good for the buyer, it’s also good for the presenter. I’ve found that after a presentation, I always had more ideas to add, so it kept me constantly looking at things in a different way.

  14. Augie says:

    Thanks Stan, that’s a good point to continue upgrading your Credibility Kit.

    Happy investing!


  15. David says:

    Do you have any tips on what to include if you are just starting out? I mean if you don’t have any history as real estate investor?

  16. Augie says:

    For someone just starting out as an investor it might be good to include certificates of completion for any classes or courses you have taken. Letters of recommendation from your attorney, CPA, real estate broker, title company or clergy which speak to your character, skill, professionalism or personhood.

    You might also include the mission and vision statements for your business, a copy of your business license and anything else you can think of until you have some deals and testimonial lettrs under your belt. Look at your credibility kit as an organic document which changes and grows as your business does.

    Good luck & Happy Investing!


  17. Hello Augie,

    Yes excellent idea, having this credibility kit (like portfolio) you get to convince your prospected client by giving them proof of how you handled projects, what kind of good deal that you have to offer and the like. This credibility kit will testify how good you are as a real estate agent. Keep it up! You are amazing.

  18. Augie says:

    A credibility kit is a good tool for both parties because it helps you stay focused on communicating your message effectively and it also provides your prospect with factual data to help support their decision to work with you.

  19. Jeffrey Geidt says:

    It’s good that the Credibility kit works both ways to keep the communication crystal clear. This will be of great help especially to us investors.

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